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Moisturise & Hydrate

Body Butters are the best way to moisturise, nourish, hydrate and heal the skins elasticity, condition, tone and overall appearance. All our products are carefully hand picked from the best produce and hand made with love and care for the best care for your skin.

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Hydrate and nourish

Our carrier oils are rich in vitamins, anti - oxidants and minerals that deeply hydrate and moisturise the skin. Carefully selected for the highest healing and skin benefits and properties.

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Mother Nature has everything we need to heal us. We love to use natural products to help us live more in alignment with nature and a healthier lifestyle.


Detoxify + Cleanse

Bathing has been around for many of years.

Fit for Kings and Queens.
Bathing has multiple health benefits that soothe your muscles and joints, to breathing easier, releasing stress, improve heart health and detoxify your mind, body and soul. We have created luxurious bath products to heal and cleanse and help with your chakra alignment.

Bathtub and Candle
Image by Hanna Postova


Our Ingredients: Services
Our Ingredients: Welcome
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Heal & Brighten your skin

Mineral Makeup not only keeps your complexion clear, but is also kind to sensitive and allergy prone skin. It allows the skin to breathe without blocking pores. We infuse plant powders for that extra gentle care. Plants and flowers not only uplift your spirit with its beautiful aromas, but have muliple healing properties and abilities.

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Colorful Flowers

Plant Based

Hand Made With Love

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