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A Labyrinth of Love, Power & Transformation 

Be immersed in the world of the Goddess, a captivating and powerful experience of divine feminine energy. Feel the spectrum of light as contemporary dance, visual digital screenplay and showgirl glamour tell a story of deep devotion, an inner calling of the soul, a pathway many have forgotten, an ancient remembering and the shadows of rebirth. Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the union of dance, music, spoken word, lighting, costuming and visual screen play. Come join us for a mesmerizing Cabaret Dinner show inspired by the Goddess for an unforgettable experience of divine feminine energy.

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Oh My GODDESS, What an amazing production you put on for us last night. YOU AND YOUR GIRLS ARE SOOO TALENTED.

We loved your choreography, the costumes and the music. It was very entertaining and it makes me wanna dance.

So glad we were there!

BJ -Goddess Live Performance – Paddo RSL

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Theatre Performance

Cabaret Dinner/ Stage Production

Our cabaret stage production offers a unique experience for audiences. The show is broken into two 40-50 minute sets with an interval in between, featuring 4 different scenes.

Our spotlight acts include aerial performances, fire dancers, roving artists, singers, and live music, all accompanied by a digital visual onscreen experience. Audiences can also look forward to interacting and participating with the show, and can even meet and greet the performers after the show. We also provide marketing services to promote the show.

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